625 Days by Bird Language

Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Bird Language is releasing their debut album 625 Days!

The album takes you back in time while waiting for you tomorrow. The melodic rhythms of the bass and drums, bright guitar and gripping riffs and the distinct piano would make you think the songs were 90’s classics that you never heard on the radio before. At times you might be thinking you’re hearing a guest special between Matt Good and Big Wreck!

The album 625 Days takes you down a path that everyone’s been on. A path of Life and Love during smooth sailing and rough waters with all things in between. 625 Days reminds the listener of every song they’ve listened to during tough times and mixes everything together. Listening to this album brings up memories but in a good and reflective way.

625 Days was recorded by Ethan Dussault at New Alliance Audio and Mastered by Will Benoit of The Radar Studio with cover art by Sam Pitino. The band is a quintet comprised of Andrew Doherty and Neil Simmons on guitar, Michael Nashawaty on Drums, Jeff Nicolai on Vocals / Keyboards / Piano. Pat Piasecki on Bass Guitar. The Band are a roster of talented musicians and their various styles combine to form an amalgam of indie, pop with a twist of retro and alternative rock styles.

Bird Language is a breath of fresh air. 625 Days has been in the works for years and like everything else, interrupted during the Pandemic. Aged like a fine wine, the album is being released today May 20th and also on Cassette Tape!

Cassette Tapes

What’s the Deal?

So you’re probably wondering, why are Cassette Tapes becoming popular again? The truth is, they never went away. Overshadowed by the modern Compact Disc (CD) and digital downloading, in the 1990’s Cassette Tapes still remained as a background medium for audio and music tapes. This is in part because of audio books and prison tapes. Cassette Tapes were invented in 1963 by Lou Ottens for Music and Blank recording. In 2010 Nostalgia began to make a return with the Vinyl Revival. As companies began to re-introduce record players, companies began to expand their

capacity by pressing new records for new releases. In 2022 the Vinyl market is busier than ever with wait times as long as 9 months for a release.

Where does the Cassette Tape come in?

If you grew up in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s, Cassette Tapes were your main
way of listening to music. Whether you were listening to one in your car
on the way to work, or in your Sony Walkman on your way to College. In 2022 the Cassette Tape market has grown since the pandemic. It offers a
more affordable solution for bands releasing new music in addition to Vinyl and CD merchandise packages. 

Mix Tapes!

If you had a cassette player and you were into music, you made a mixtape! Well before the ease of CD’s and Napster downloading, making a mixtape took time. You had to listen to the radio at the right times to cut out commercials, and you had to beg, borrow, and steal other tapes from family and friends to make your compilations. When you were on a budget these
were gifts for birthdays and Christmas, or to get the attention of your future high school sweetheart.

The Bottom Line

Part Nostalgia and part Utility, the Cassette Tape still holds a place in the music industry today. Cheaper to buy and quicker to make. The Cassette Tape is an affordable solution to music lovers everywhere and a welcome addition to your albums next release package.

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